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Playcraft Systems Play Rewards

It is that time of year again to spring into savings with the purchase of a Playcraft Systems playground! With any purchase valued at $20,000 or more, your customer will be automatically enrolled into our Play Rewards Program. This program allows your customer to choose one freestanding item at no additional charge. The Play Rewards Program will start February 28th with purchase orders being accepted until April 30th, 2019. Please make sure you get your purchase orders in before the deadline!

How it Works:

Each level of the Play Rewards Program will offer three freestanding items to choose from for the one free item. As an example, if a customer purchases $42,000 of Playcraft product, then they will be enrolled into the Silver Play Rewards Program and get to choose one of the following items: Spin Max Pod, 5” Arch Swing, or a Beach Buggy. If a customer purchases $65,000 of Playcraft product, then they will get to choose from the Gold Play Rewards Program, and so on.

Please note, Playcraft dollars is based upon retail cost of Playcraft product only. ActionFit, FreeNotes, IDS boulders, and freestanding pyramid nets do not apply to Playcraft dollars for this promotion. In addition, the freestanding item chosen for this promotion does not apply to the Playcraft dollar total. This promotion is per project basis, so the Playcraft dollars are calculated per project total of that PlayDesigner file, not including the free item or non Playcraft product.

This promotion will be represented on the Sales Order Form. During the design phase, the freestanding item will be quoted as normal. When ordering, please indicate on the Sales Order Play Rewards Program field that this promotion was used and specify which item was chosen on the order form. The Sales Order will verify that the promotion parameters have been met and then mark the freestanding item at $0. If the parameters are not met, or if you are trying to enter the order after the deadline, the order will disregard the sale and proceed at standard cost.

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